A Guide to British Council Services

These pages are intended to guide you through relevant British Council departments, service and resources. Alternatively you can visit the British Council web site at http://www.britishcouncil.org where there are also links to all of the sites highlighted here.

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Accreditation Unit
The English in Britain Accreditation Scheme accredits English as a Foreign Language (EFL) provision in universities, colleges and private language schools in the UK.

Arts, Literature and Design Department
The Arts, Literature and Design Department help update international perceptions of Britain, create international partnerships and forge long-term cultural links.

British Studies
Promotes new studies of Britain around the world and publishes 'British Studies Now'.

Central Bureau for International Education and Training (CBIET)
The Central Bureau administers the UK side of a wide range of international education and training exchange programmes, and is a division of the British Council. It offers opportunities for pupils, students, teachers, trainers, lecturers and administrators in the UK education and training sectors.

Connect Youth International (formerly Youth Exchange Centre)
Promotes informal education, training, placement and voluntary work exchanges of British young people between the UK and other countries.

Culture Lab
Visit Culture Lab to see how science and style collide, creating a dynamic image of the UK in the 21st century.

Development and Training Services (DATS)

Distance Learning
Promotes UK distance learning provision and expertise world-wide.

Education Counselling Service (ECS)
ECS works with the British Council's overseas network and British education and training providers to increase the UK's share of the international education and training market.

Education and Training Team
Provide information about education and training in the UK. Supports British Council offices overseas in international educational project work and facilitates links between UK partners and ministries, institutions and agencies world-wide also programmes for education VIP visitors to the UK.

Education and Training Team - Web Directory
Over 3000 education related website links. Includes categories such as International Organisations, TV and Media, Events and Student Funding.

Information about the EducationUK Branding project.

Electronic Learning Zones
The Electronic Learning Zones Project is a partnership between several electronic publishers in the UK and the British Council.

English Language Teaching Group
Supports English language training in Britain and abroad. By working with UK and overseas partners the group promotes English as the key language of international communication.

English Language Teacher Vacancies
Recruits EFL teachers and provides support to British Council teaching centres world-wide.

Examination Services
Promotes and delivers British examinations overseas.

Export Promotion Unit (EPU)
Promotes the export of UK education and training and provides market intelligence to the UK education sector. Export Promotion Unit also manages the Global Education and Training Information Service (GETIS)

Global Education Contacts
Contact details for all the staff who work across education for the British Council around the globe.

Global Education and Training Service (GETIS)

Higher Education Links
International Development programme funded by the Department for International development and the Fund for International Co-operation in Higher Education.

International Networking Events
The Council's principal agency for conferences and seminars, within the UK and overseas.

International Student Services Unit
International welfare advisors who provide an advisory service to international students who come to the UK under the auspices of the British Council.

Learn English
This site has been developed by the British Council's ELT group and is aimed at young people around the world learning English. It features word games, grammar games, songs from top British artists, competitions, e-cards and more.

Literature Department
Supports the study of literature in English within schools, colleges and universities world wide by organising conferences, seminars, networks, e-mail discussion groups, and producing publications such as Postgraduate Study in British Literature, Literature Matters and the Writers and Their Work series.

Overseas Appointment Services
Recruits international consultants in all subject areas on behalf of institutions and ministries overseas.

Online Resource Bank - ORB
ORB provides a virtual gateway to electronic resources of interest to British Council staff and customers. It harnesses resources collected world-wide, which are held on a database.

Publications Database (Pi)
Using this site you can search for any in-print British Council publication produced in the United Kindom, from leaflets, books and posters, through videos and electronic books

Science Education Newsletter (SEN)
SEN is produced six times each year by the British Council and is sponsered by Shell International Ltd. It is read by those involved in science, mathematics, technology and environmental education in over 110 countries around the world.

Training Design Group (TDG)
TDG works to support the UK's bilateral aid programme and to maximise British participation in the development programmes of other donors. TDG also identify Associate Advisors who are drawn from both the academic and overseas development consultance sectors. Once identified they are invited to provide training placement and visitor programme design services.

Virtual Campus
Contains information for overseas students about all aspects of studying in the UK.

Worldwide British Council Address Book


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