SE+T Material

Scottish Education + Training have produced a selection of marketing material to help increase knowledge of Scottish education expertise overseas.

  • Generic Brochure

  • Our generic brochures give an overview, by sector, of the Scottish education system. They are available in English, Arabic, Korean, Mandarin, Russian and Spanish (for use in Argentina).

  • Video

  • Our 12-minute video introduces Scotland and its education and training system. Topics covered include English language teaching, independent schools, further education, distance education and higher education.

    It is available in the following languages and formats:

    Language Format
    English PAL (UK system)
    Korean subtitles NTSC (system used in Korea)
    Russian subtitles SECAM (system used in Russia)
    Spanish subtitles PAL-N (system used in Argentina)
    Mandarin PAL

    For more information about other sources of marketing material visit our Publications pages.


    Order Form

    Scottish Education + Training's marketing material can be ordered using the electronic order form below. Please note that all the boxes must be completed before submitting your order.

    Generic brochures are ordered in batches of 40 at a cost of per batch. Videos can be ordered at a cost of each (including VAT). All cheques should be made payable to The British Council (invoices will not be issued).








    Generic Brochures

    No. of Batches Required
    Englishx40 =
    Arabicx4 =
    Koreanx4 =
    Mandarinx4 =
    Russianx4 =
    Spanish (Argentine)x4 =


    No. of Videos Required
    EnglishPAL x1        =

    NTSC x1     =

    KoreanPAL x1        =

    NTSC x1     =

    RussianPAL x1        =

    SECAM x1  =

    SpanishPAL x1        =
    MandarinPAL x 1       =

    If this order is to be delivered to a non-UK address, postage/courier costs will be extra and the charge notified at the time of order.

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