Operational Plan

How we will implement our strategy:

1.1 Partnerships in Scotland
  • Work with Scottish Trade International (STI) on Scottish Education + Training activity in line with STI's export development strategy.
  • Work with the Scottish Executive to ensure support at all levels to the sector.
  • Work with each of the key sectoral agencies to ensure the importance of international activity is continually recognised (e.g. COSHEP, ASC, SELTIC, SCIS, SQA).
  • Work with the education sector (accredited institutions) to develop and support international activity.
  • Work with other key Scottish/UK initiatives when and as appropriate to international activity (e.g. Scottish University for Industry, Scottish Knowledge etc).
  • 1.2 Representaton at UK Level
  • Meet with ECS for a quarterly review.
  • Have continued representation on the Prime Minister's Initiative through the Scottish Executive and Scottish Education + Training Committee at both operational and strategic level.
  • Represent Scottish Education + Training at other UK and British Council forums as appropriate, e.g. Global Education and Training Information Services (GETIS) Board, British Council distance education strategy, etc.
  • Have regular input into the DfEE/Trade Partners UK Education and Training Export Group (ETEG) and British Council VETS Promotion Team through the SE+T Committee.
  • 1.3 International Promotion
  • Support British Council education staff and other relevant professionals in generic promotion of Scottish education to ensure clarity, consistency and appropriateness of information about education in Scotland.
  • Contribute to and work within the EducationUK brand framework.
  • Ensure every British Council/STI/Locate in Scotland office has relevant and up-to-date information on Scottish education.
  • Develop a quarterly email update to key education contacts, institutions, British Council education staff and agents in target markets.
  • Ensure a prompt response to enquiries on Scottish education.
  • Produce and update generic materials in English or in specific languages as required (subject to funding) e.g. powerpoint presentation on Scottish Education.
  • Continue to actively work in the priority markets of India, China, Korea, Argentina, South Africa, Russia, Gulf States and in consultation with British Council and Scottish Trade International devise an operational plan of activity for 2000/2001 within an overall evolving three year plan by June 2000.

  • 1.4 Web-Based Services
  • Ensure over the next year that the Scottish Education + Training website is updated and is an effective resource for both a UK and international audience.
  • Ensure Scotland is represented and easily linked within the EducationUK website.
  • Research other opportunities and use of the internet (e.g. intranet discussion groups.)
  • Ensure regular email updates to the Scottish sector so they are aware of opportunities including development of e-commerce initiatives.
  • Promote the importance of good websites and e-mail contacts with prospective students at an institutional level.
  • 1.5 Collaboration
  • Support each sector through active participation in sectoral groups, e.g. Scottish English Language Teaching in Consortium (SELTIC), Scottish Universities International Officers Group (SUIOG), Scottish Council for Independent Schools (SCIS) marketing committee and appropriate Association of Scottish Colleges (ASC) forum.
  • Organise a seminar to aid cross-sectoral discussion as a follow-up to the February conference.
  • Circulate all relevant information to the sector (e.g. working group minutes and country reports.)
  • Support the development of cross-sectoral and collaborative activity.
  • Continue to work for the quality of the total experience for students from start to finish.
  • Encourage participation in developmental work and exchanges as a basis for future international commercial activity.
  • Review and monitor the success of Scottish Education and Training activity on an annual basis for circulation to the sector.

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